Thursday, May 7, 2015

Monthly Measurements

So I have been off of the scale ever since before New Years. One of my resolutions this year was to not let a number on the scale rule my life and I have been successful.

All had been going fairly well until the end of March when my curiosity was really starting to drive me nuts. So I found an alternative.

My company is neat because they have a Registered Nurse come in a few times a month and she's available to talk, to take our measurements, to help out with any health related things really. So at the beginning of April I had asked her to take my measurements once a month in order to physically track my progress.

The April stats read as: 4/2/15

Blood Press:  119/77
Heart Rate:    66
Blood 02:       98
Body Fat:      32.4 % <-- This one may have been a mistake.
Waist in ":     34.5"
Hips in ":       47"
Thighs in ":   26 1/2" (L) 26 1/2" (R)
Arms in ":     13 1/2" (L) 13 1/2" (R)

I had gotten a small hip flexor injury that had me being out for the last two weeks of April and when I'm out and not running I tend to eat really poorly. I had a lot of ice cream and cake and just plain junk food.

Which is why I was surprised yesterday when we had my monthly check-in. All together I was able to lose 13.25" from around my body! It's amazing how motivating that is!

May stats read as: 5/6/15

Blood Press:  107/79
Heart Rate:    94
Blood 02:       99
Body Fat:      36.5 % <-- This one could also be the mistake. I'm not sure but I know one of them is                                             goofy because I lost inches so I should not have gained body fat...
Waist in ":     32"
Hips in ":       42 1/2"
Thighs in ":   24" (L) 24" (R)
Arms in ":     12 1/4" (L) 12 1/2" (R)

I mean, look at that! 2" off of each thigh, 1" off from each arm, 2.5" from my waist, and 4.5" from my hips?!? That's nuts! I'm unbelievably proud of the progress that I made in that single month.
Can you imagine what my body will feel like and be able to do in the months ahead?

It's hard to notice changes happening along the way, because we see ourselves everyday. We run with our bodies and only see one or 2 second improvements each run. We think that we aren't improving fast enough, but if you take improvements and look at them over a month or two, you really are able to see the progress and the change that is happening along the way.

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